Spiral Shape Implant 2.42

Spiral Shape Implant 2.42

Spiral Shape Implant 2.42

SSI Implant by GP Implants: Versatility in Singular Excellence

Welcome to GP-Implant’s specialized page devoted to the remarkable SSI Implant—a cornerstone of modern dental implantology. Engineered for precision and longevity, the SSI Implant is thoughtfully crafted to support both immediate and delayed loading. With lengths ranging from 6 to 16 mm, this implant stands out for its adaptability, offering a bespoke solution for the complex needs of today's dental professionals.

Your Tailored Purchase Options

  • SSI Implant (Standalone): Experience the high-caliber engineering and superior craftsmanship of our signature SSI Implant, explicitly designed for seamless osseointegration.

  • SSI Implant Complete Restoration Set: For those desiring a comprehensive solution, our complete set marries the SSI Implant with an array of indispensable restoration tools. Included in this all-encompassing package are:

    • Healing Abutment: Vital for optimal post-placement healing.
    • Transfer: Engineered for exact impression-taking.
    • Straight Abutment: Crafted to harmonize flawlessly with the implant.
    • Lab Analog: Essential for achieving precise prosthetic outcomes.
  • Optional Drill: Available to sculpt the ideal socket for the SSI Implant.

Why Choose GP-Implant's SSI Implant?

  • Tailored Solutions: Opt for either the standalone implant or the complete set to cater to your specific clinical requirements.

  • Streamlined Efficiency: The complete set assembles all the components you'll need, simplifying your implant procedures.

  • Value Meets Quality: Our complete set doesn't just offer convenience; it's a cost-effective choice for uncompromising quality.

The GP-Implant Covenant

With GP-Implant, you're not merely selecting a product; you're aligning with a partner committed to elevating the standard of dental care. Place your trust in our SSI Implant for unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and quality.

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