Impression and Analog

Impression and Analog

Impression and Analog

The Foundation of Excellence in Dental Implantology

In the realm of dental restoration, impression accuracy is paramount. GP Implant offers a curated range of impression materials for the 2.0mm Hex Narrow Platform to meet the discerning needs of dental professionals. From our meticulous Implant Analogs to our robust Open Tray Transfers, each product is designed for pinpoint accuracy and ease of use.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Precision Engineering: Specifically tailored for 2.0mm Hex Narrow Platform, these impression materials ensure a seamless fit with the NSI implant system.

  • Long-lasting Materials: Made from premium-grade substances that resist wear and tear, ensuring extended service life.

  • User-Friendly: Streamlined for easy handling and insertion, enabling a more efficient and comfortable impression-taking process.

Available Options

  1. Implant Analog for Narrow Platform: Ideal for the fabrication of dental models. This non-scanning analog serves as a precise counterpart to the implant during the model-making process.

  2. Open Tray Transfer for Narrow Platform: Primarily used for the open-tray impression technique, offering exceptional stability and accuracy during the impression-taking stage.

The GP Implant Commitment

GP Implant is committed to providing dental professionals with solutions that enhance both the quality and efficiency of their practice. Our Impression Materials for 2.0mm Hex Narrow Platform stand as a testament to this commitment.

Step up the precision and reliability of your impression-taking process with GP Implant's premium impression solutions.

Select GP Implant's Impression Materials for uncompromised accuracy and ease-of-use in your dental practice. Trust in our quality for remarkable prosthetic planning and patient care.

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