SlimLoc Attachments

SlimLoc Attachments

SlimLoc Attachments

SlimLoc Attachments by GP Implants: The Confluence of Precision, Versatility, and Choice

Step into the specialized domain of SlimLoc Attachments, a haven where meticulous craftsmanship seamlessly merges with versatile utility. This collection features an array of straight, 18°, and 30° angled attachments, designed to address an extensive range of implant scenarios—from routine to intricate.

Your Toolkit, Customized:

  • Angulated Precision: Our angled abutments are accompanied by a specialized carrier tool, elevating the ease of handling during procedures.

  • Adaptable Options: Choose between standalone abutments or those bundled with retention sets to suit your unique practice needs.

  • Complementary Components: Enhance your workflow with our dedicated analogs and transfers, each precision-crafted for accurate results.

  • Streamlined Retention: For clinicians seeking to optimize their retention process, our purpose-built insertion/extraction tool offers unrivaled efficiency.

Why Opt for GP-Implant's SlimLoc Attachments?

  • Precision-Centric: Every product in this category is engineered for pinpoint accuracy, ensuring flawless outcomes.

  • Versatility by Design: With a broad selection of attachment angles, SlimLoc accommodates both standard and specialized implant requirements.

  • Efficiency Unleashed: Our intuitive tools and components are designed to streamline your procedures, boosting both efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Embrace the epitome of precision, versatility, and choice with GP-Implant's SlimLoc Attachments.

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