AttachLoc Attachments

AttachLoc Attachments

AttachLoc Attachments

The AttachLoc Experience by GP Implants: Tailored Precision for Dental Professionals

Welcome to GP-Implant's specially curated AttachLoc System collection, crafted to synergize seamlessly with the Internal Hexagon 2.42 RP implant system. This suite of offerings aims to enhance your dental restoration practice in myriad ways.

Your Tools, Your Choice:

  • Insertion Extraction Tool: Meticulously designed to facilitate effortless silicone cap manipulation, streamlining your procedures.

  • Silicone & Metal Housing Retentions: Sourced from top-quality materials, ensuring stability and longevity in implant restorations.

  • AttachLoc Analog: Your go-to for achieving laboratory precision, each time, every time.

  • Straight & Angulated AttachLoc Abutments: Cater to a broad spectrum of needs—from straightforward applications to specific angled requirements at 18° and 30°.

  • Flexible Purchase Options: Customize your selection by opting for individual components or our all-inclusive sets, tailored to suit diverse clinical needs.

Why Choose GP-Implant's AttachLoc System?

  • Precision-Crafted: Each element in our AttachLoc system is designed with the utmost care to ensure precise outcomes.

  • Versatility in Action: From straight to angulated options, our offerings adapt to the intricacies of your dental restoration tasks.

  • Affordable Excellence: Our AttachLoc system offers a unique blend of affordability without compromising on quality, setting new standards for the modern dental professional.

Experience the epitome of precision, versatility, and affordability with GP-Implant's AttachLoc System.

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