Castable Abutments

Castable Abutments

Castable Abutments

Castable Abutments (2.42) for Regular Platform - Internal Hex by GP Implants: Where Customization Meets Excellence

Delve into GP Implants' sophisticated assortment of Castable Abutments, meticulously designed for the 2.42 Regular Platform with an Internal Hex connection. Committed to patient-specific customization and surgical precision, these abutments offer dental professionals the ability to achieve flawless restorations that harmonize functionality with aesthetics.

Unmatched Customization:

  • Personalized Craftsmanship: Our Castable Abutments grant you the autonomy to fabricate bespoke abutments that cater to each patient’s distinct needs.

A Portfolio of Choices:

  • Standard Options: Available in both hex and non-hex connections, these are your go-to for versatile adaptability.

  • Anatomic Alignments: Opt for straight or angulated versions to achieve anatomically accurate outcomes.

  • UCLA Abutments: Enhance your restoration techniques with our UCLA abutments, available with both Titanium and Co-Cr Bases.

Materials & Craftsmanship:

  • Acetal Excellence: Revered for its robustness and shape retention, Acetal serves as an ideal material for investment casting, dissolving cleanly without residues.

  • Metal Bases: Our offerings extend to include Titanium and Chrome Cobalt bases, broadening the scope for varied restorative challenges.

  • Hexagonal Precision: Masterfully engineered for both single-unit and multiple-anchor-point restorations.

Key Distinctions:

  • Commitment to Quality: Harness high-grade materials for longevity and consistent performance.

  • Biocompatibility: Prioritizing patient welfare, our abutments seamlessly integrate with the body, mitigating the risk of adverse reactions.

  • Dimensional Integrity: Built to withstand preparation pressures without dimensional shifts, ensuring unerring outcomes.

  • Broad Applicability: With a diverse range of platforms, angles, and bases, our castable abutment collection is a versatile toolkit for any restoration challenge.

Discover the epitome of quality, precision, and adaptability with GP Implants' Castable Abutments. Navigate this category to find your ideal restoration solution.

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