Cement-Retained Abutments

Cement-Retained Abutments

Cement-Retained Abutments

Cement-Retained Titanium and Zirconia Abutments
The Cornerstone of Versatile and Premium Dental Implantology
Unparalleled Versatility and Excellence

Discover the multifaceted selection of Cement-Titanium and Zirconia Abutments from GP Implant, meticulously designed to meet the nuanced needs of dental professionals. Our offerings span across Angulated 15 degrees, Standard Straight Abutments, and Abutments with Collars, including premium Zirconia options, providing a customized solution for every clinical scenario.

Key Features and Advantages Across the Range

  • Material Integrity: All abutments are crafted from Grade 5 Titanium or high-quality Zirconia, ensuring optimal biocompatibility and long-term durability.
  • Precision Engineered: Designed for perfect integration with Narrow Platform Internal Hex 2.0mm Connections and NSI implants.
  • Clinical Flexibility: A broad range of design options, including angulated, straight, and collar variations for tailored clinical applications.
  • Ease of Use: Simplified cementation processes across the board for quicker, more comfortable patient experiences.

Zirconia Excellence
Zirconia abutments offer an aesthetic and durable alternative to traditional metal options. Known for their extraordinary strength, resistance to intra-oral acids, and lifelike color, they are ideal for patients prioritizing both function and aesthetics.

Dive Into the Options

  • Angulated 15 Degrees: Ideal for tackling complex anatomical conditions or cosmetic needs.
  • Standard Straight: The go-to choice for direct, uncomplicated applications that demand reliability and stability.
  • With Collars: Perfect for maintaining soft tissue health, available in multiple heights and lengths to offer the most customizable fit.

Quality You Can Trust
Each of the Cement-Titanium and Zirconia Abutments in our catalog stands as a testament to GP Implant’s unwavering commitment to quality. For dental professionals, this range isn’t merely a product choice; it’s a partnership in elevating patient care and clinical success.

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