Concave Emergence Line

Concave Emergence Line

Concave Emergence Line

Concave Emergence Line by GP Implants: Anatomical Brilliance in Dental Prosthetics

Welcome to a realm where anatomical precision and aesthetic finesse converge—GP Implants' Concave Emergence Line. This meticulously curated collection presents dental professionals with a comprehensive array of restoration abutments, each distinguished by their concave collar profile. Designed to sync harmoniously with natural oral topography, these abutments offer unparalleled aesthetic outcomes and a seamless transition from implant to surrounding soft tissue.

A Holistic Restoration Journey:

  • User-Centric Components: From Snap-on Transfers with intuitive plastic snaps to straight and angulated abutments available in both 15 and 25 degrees, our collection aims to simplify your workflow.

  • Craftsmanship in Every Element: Each prosthetic component, from healing abutments to the culminating restoration piece, is executed with surgical precision for minimal patient discomfort and maximum aesthetic impact.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary Anatomical Design: The concave profile encourages thick mucosal tissue layering around the transgingival connection, effectively reducing metal visibility.

  • Optimized Emergence: Our innovative shape ensures effortless prosthetic replacements while preserving the integrity of newly formed tissues.

  • Expedited Healing: Minimize patient trauma and accelerate the healing process with our concave design.

  • Versatility in Application: Suitable for both conventional multi-stage restorations and immediate loading protocols.

  • Material Excellence: Composed of high-grade titanium alloy (Grade 5), promising longevity, biocompatibility, and consistent performance.

  • Unerring Precision & Aesthetics: Achieve a perfect fit, reduced tissue transparency, and enhanced aesthetics across all crown and bridge applications.

Torque Recommendation: Utilize a 1.25 mm hex driver or a motor mount exerting a force of 25 Ncm for optimal stability.

Elevate your practice with GP Implants' Concave Emergence Line, where anatomical precision and aesthetic brilliance come together for exceptional patient outcomes.

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