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Proven Reliability

Since its inception in 2012, the SSI™ dental implant system has established itself as a reliable solution for immediate implantation and loading. Engineered with self-drilling capabilities and a unique spiral body design, it supports precise placement and ensures robust primary stability even in the most challenging clinical scenarios. The system demonstrates versatility across a wide range of applications, proving especially effective in 'All-on-four' and 'All-on-six' procedures. Prioritizing stability and longevity, it accommodates both immediate and delayed loading scenarios. Globally adopted by dental professionals, the consistent performance of SSI™ underlines our commitment to quality. Further, the system encompasses a range of features that optimize implantation and outcomes. These include a precise internal hex system, a single prosthetic platform that fits all diameters, and a design that prioritizes the protection of anatomical structures.

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Tapered Internal Hex

Regular Platform (2.42)

Tapered Internal Hex

Narrow Platform (2.0)

Conical Hex

NP & RP (2.26 & 2.67)

Internal Hexagon - RP

    Internal hexagon - NP

      Every Case Covered:
      Discover Our Superstructures For Internal Hex

      Pre-Restoration image


      Precision-engineered components that simplify and enhance traditional impression-taking protocols.

      Final Restoration Image

      Casting Abutments

      Crafted for precision casting, ensuring perfect fits and streamlined procedures for every case.

      Snap-on Transfers Image

      Cement Retained

      Titanium abutments, both straight and angulated, tailored for reliable cement-retained solutions

      Healing Abutments Image

      Healing Abutments

      Essential for post-implantation, facilitating tissue healing and guiding gum formation

      Temporary Image


      Offering both PEEK and Titanium temporary abutments for interim phases ensuring durability and aesthetics.

      Screw-Retained Image

      Multi Units

      A range of units to support complex restoration tasks, ensuring consistent outcomes and patient satisfaction.

      Overdenture Image

      Overdenture Restoration

      Comprehensive solutions for overdenture cases, guaranteeing patient comfort and function.

      Digital Restoration Image

      Digital Restoration

      Ti-base, scan body, and digital analog solutions with full Exocad library support for seamless digital workflows.

      Simplicity in Versatility image


      One Size Connects All

      Platform Switching Mastery:

      Perfecting the art of platform switching, we reduce crestal bone loss. Our design shifts the inflammatory zone away, enhancing implant stability and aesthetics.

      Precision Manufacturing:

      Our one-size-connects-all design streamlines dental implantology. With a single platform for all diameters, we minimize inventory complexity and maximize clinical convenience.


      Striving for a near-zero micro gap, our precision manufacturing process minimizes bacterial infiltration and micro-movement. This commitment to quality assures a robust, stable connection.

      Harmonious Biology Integration:

      Our design considers natural biology, promoting healthy gingival growth around the implant. This commitment enhances aesthetics, patient comfort, and overall satisfaction.

      Experience Success

      Experience the confidence that comes from using our globally trusted SSI™ dental implants, chosen by dental professionals worldwide.


      Enhanced Protection with Our Multi-Layered Dental Implant Packaging

      Our dental implant packaging system is designed to offer safe and convenient experience for dental professionals. It features double tube sterile packaging, sealed blister, outer carton box, carrier for easy handling and a cover screw for smooth implantation.

      The Proof is in the

      Our Implants at Work

      Evidencing excellence in clinical practice is at the heart of what we do. This video presentation offers a unique opportunity to observe our dental implants in their operational environment, demonstrating their quality, reliability, and superior functionality. Each implant reflects our commitment to industry-leading design and innovative technology, enabling optimal patient outcomes and practitioner ease-of-use. Experience the true measure of our product performance as you view our dental implants at work. The difference is discernible - because the proof, indeed, is in the performance.

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