Zirconia Abutment | 15 Degrees | Anatomic Profile

Zirconia Abutment | 15 Degrees | Anatomic Profile

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Internal Hexagon
Hex Connection:
2.42 mm
15 Ncm
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Elevate dental restorations with the 15-Degree Zirconia Abutment boasting an Anatomic Profile. Precisely angled at 15 degrees, it provides a subtle yet significant orientation advantage, tailored for situations demanding specific angulation adjustments. This design not only maximizes aesthetic outcomes in challenging anatomical scenarios but also ensures a proper distribution of occlusal forces, enhancing the restoration's longevity.

Crafted from zirconia, its authentic coloration mimics the natural tooth, eliminating the graying often seen with metal counterparts. Paired with a sturdy titanium hexagonal base, the abutment achieves both durability and an aesthetic brilliance that stands out in the oral cavity.

Its anatomical design complements the unique contours of the oral environment, ensuring optimal tissue integration, patient comfort, and aesthetic harmony. Dentists can now promise restorations that look, feel, and function like natural teeth, even in complex cases.


  • Targeted Angulation: The 15-degree tilt offers precise angulation, addressing specific dental challenges and ensuring ideal prosthetic alignment.
  • Natural Aesthetics: Zirconia's inherent color blends seamlessly, providing a lifelike appearance.


  • Zirconia Excellence: Renowned for its aesthetic and mechanical attributes, zirconia ensures strength and beauty.
  • Titanium Foundation: The robust hexagonal titanium base offers unparalleled stability, ensuring the abutment's long-lasting performance.
  • Adaptive Design: The anatomic profile seamlessly integrates with oral tissues, accentuating comfort and aesthetic integration.
  • Long-Lasting: Crafted to resist daily oral challenges, ensuring a consistent appearance and durability.

How to Use: Opt for the 15-Degree Zirconia Abutment with Anatomic Profile when confronted with cases requiring nuanced angulation. Use a 1.25 mm hex driver or a motor mount for a hand-tighten application at a force of 25 Ncm. Regular assessments during patient revisits will guarantee enduring integration and peak performance.

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Dr. Jeng Chester, DDS

I have been using GP implants for my last 50 cases and results are same, if not better than the other implants I have in my office. Fantastic for immediates due to the design. I am now a loyal user!

Dr. Campanella Claudio

The best dental implants.
I met the company by chance a few years ago. I have discovered an excellent company with great precision in production. Staff prepared and available. Great product. Thank you.

Dr. Rodolfo Gutierrez

EXCELLENT PRODUCTS, GP implants have had an increase in my dental practice due to the fact that they all have been very successful. GP implants are trustworthy and have a good price. I have been working with GP implants for the past 7 years and we have placed at least 500 implants up to this day. I highly recommend them.

Craig D. Schmidtke, DDS

The SSI Implant by GP is an excellent choice for clinical cases with complications related to anatomy. It is so easy and safe to load the implant, and it gives impeccable results post-operatively, with respect to osseointegration. I was simply amazed when I saw the X-ray where the bone was strongly integrating with the implant surface

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