Implant Drivers 2.42

Implant Drivers 2.42

Implant Drivers 2.42

Precision-Crafted Tools for Clinical Excellence:

Embark on a journey through GP-Implant's expertly assembled suite of Implant Drivers, crafted explicitly for the SSI implant with a 2.42mm hex connection (internal hex). Our steadfast commitment to streamlining dental procedures shines through in this category, designed to address every facet of the implant process—from precise installation to post-operative care.

Key Instruments for Impeccable Procedures:

  • Motor Mount: Engineered to flawlessly integrate with dental motors, ensuring seamless implant installations.

  • Surgical Manual Hand Driver: Choose from 2.42mm for direct implant interfacing or 6.35mm tailored for hex carrier size, offering secure handling during implant placement.

  • Hex Driver for Ratchet: Equipped with a 6.35mm hex top, this tool aligns impeccably with ratchets, ensuring robust grip and precise torque application.

  • Regular Wrench Ratchet: An essential asset for dental professionals, designed for firm grip and effortless maneuverability during surgical operations.

  • Torque Ratchet: Experience surgical precision at its peak with our torque ratchet, guaranteeing accurate force application during implant installations.

  • TWISE DLC STEP DRILLS (New Version): The latest addition to our celebrated drill series, promising enhanced durability, superior cutting efficiency, and long-lasting performance.

Why Trust GP-Implant’s Implant Drivers?:

  • Unmatched Precision: Each instrument is meticulously crafted, offering an impeccable fit and function.

  • Longevity Assured: Constructed using industry-leading materials, our drivers are a promise of durability and dependability.

  • User-Centric Design: Conceived with the daily challenges of dental professionals in mind, our tools prioritize ease of handling and optimal efficiency.

Enhance the art of implantology with GP-Implant's Implant Drivers for the 2.42 Regular Platform—a symphony of innovation and uncompromising quality.

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