Healing Abutments

Healing Abutments

Healing Abutments

The Gold Standard in Healing & Soft Tissue Management
Precision-Crafted for Unparalleled Healing

Discover GP Implant's Healing Abutments for 2.0mm Hex Narrow Platform, meticulously engineered to optimize tissue healing and streamline clinical procedures.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Robust Material: Crafted from Grade 5 Titanium, ensuring optimal biocompatibility and longevity.
  • Platform-Specific Engineering: Tailored for 2.0mm Hex Narrow Platform, seamlessly compatible with GP Implant’s NSI implant system.
  • Healing Dynamics: Designed to fast-track healing while minimizing tissue trauma.
  • Various Dimensions: Accommodates diverse gingival biotypes with different heights and a standardized width.

The Range at a Glance

  • Standard Heights: Available in heights of 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm, all at a Ø 3.5 mm width.
  • Aesthetic Design: Engineered for both clinical efficacy and aesthetically pleasing gingival contours.

The GP Implant Commitment
GP Implant's Healing Abutments for 2.0mm Hex Narrow Platform represent more than just a product; they symbolize a partnership in enhancing patient outcomes. Choose GP Implant to set a new standard in dental implant healing abutments.

Elevate Your Practice
For state-of-the-art healing and exceptional patient care, GP Implant's Healing Abutments for 2.0mm Hex Narrow Platform are the premium choice.

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