Hand Torque 15Ncm Screwdriver 1.25mm

Hand Torque 15Ncm Screwdriver 1.25mm

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Hex Connection:
Torque Limit:
15Ncm Built-In Limiter
Handle Options:
Long and Short
Universal with Major Implant Systems
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In the realm of dental implantology, minor details can have a major impact on long-term success. One issue that clinicians often face is bacterial buildup, attributed to a gap between the healing abutment and the implant cover screw. Additionally, overtightening these fittings can lead to cold welding, jeopardizing the potential for a successful restoration. Recent studies indicate that an alarming 25% of manual tightening cases exceed the recommended 15Ncm of torque, diminishing their chances of success. At GP-Implant, we've addressed these challenges head-on. Our Hand Torque Screwdriver is specifically designed to provide precision torque control, eliminating these complications and elevating your implant procedures to a new standard of excellence.

GP-Implant's Hand Torque Screwdriver 1.25mm: Precision and Safety in Perfect Harmony

Navigate the fine line between under-tightening and over-tightening with GP-Implant's Hand Torque Screwdriver 1.25mm, the tool that combines impeccable precision with a fail-safe design to elevate the standard of dental implantology.

Eliminate Guesswork, Enhance Patient Safety

When it comes to dental implants, accuracy isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. An overtightened abutment or cover screw can lead to a phenomenon known as "cold welding," effectively locking the components and jeopardizing the ability to perform future adjustments or restorations. On the other end of the spectrum, under-tightening could result in micro-movements, ultimately leading to screw loosening or even implant failure.

The 15Ncm Difference: Where Science Meets Practice

Our Hand Torque Screwdriver is designed with a built-in torque limiter set precisely at 15Ncm, a scientifically recommended torque value to minimize risks. Once you hit this torque, the tool's internal mechanism rotates freely, effectively averting the dangers of over-tightening. In simpler terms, it eliminates human error, providing a consistent, accurate, and safer outcome in implant procedures.

Handle Options for Every Need

Whether working in the tight spaces of anterior regions or requiring extended reach for posterior applications, our screwdriver offers long and short handle options to cater to every surgical need. We recommend stocking both versions in your office for ultimate flexibility and preparedness.

Trust in Quality

Constructed of high-grade stainless steel and designed for autoclaving at 134°C, this is more than just a screwdriver—it's a long-term investment in the quality of your practice and the safety of your patients.


  • Top-tier stainless steel for durability
  • Built-in 15Ncm torque limiter for precision and safety
  • Two handle lengths for specific applications
  • Universal compatibility with major implant systems

By integrating GP-Implant's Hand Torque Screwdriver 1.25mm into your practice, you’re not just adopting a tool; you're elevating your commitment to patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Choose precision. Choose GP-Implant.

Dr. Jeng Chester, DDS

I have been using GP implants for my last 50 cases and results are same, if not better than the other implants I have in my office. Fantastic for immediates due to the design. I am now a loyal user!

Dr. Campanella Claudio

The best dental implants.
I met the company by chance a few years ago. I have discovered an excellent company with great precision in production. Staff prepared and available. Great product. Thank you.

Dr. Rodolfo Gutierrez

EXCELLENT PRODUCTS, GP implants have had an increase in my dental practice due to the fact that they all have been very successful. GP implants are trustworthy and have a good price. I have been working with GP implants for the past 7 years and we have placed at least 500 implants up to this day. I highly recommend them.

Craig D. Schmidtke, DDS

The SSI Implant by GP is an excellent choice for clinical cases with complications related to anatomy. It is so easy and safe to load the implant, and it gives impeccable results post-operatively, with respect to osseointegration. I was simply amazed when I saw the X-ray where the bone was strongly integrating with the implant surface

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