Additional Info:

• The bevel area and the counter slot design prevent superstructure rotation and ensure tight contact and swift healing of the abutment.

• Peripheral tightening, along with the ring section of the abutment, enables simple and precise insertion and mounting. Clinicians can attach a coping or temporary restoration to the abutment.

• The internal hexagon leads to the implant installation area and uses a driver that fastens to the implant after abutment removal. This is undertaken using either a manual driver or a driver that is connected to the hand unit.

• Internal tapping configuration prevents disengagement of the fast ening screw from the implant.

• The abutment serves as a channel that prevents contact and friction between inserted pieces and the internal hexagonal of
the implant.



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More reviews below:

I am euphoric and satisfied using GP implants. I use all the different varieties of implants – internal hexagon as well as conical connection. The main advantage clinically is that the quality of the implants is excellent and almost all of my implant cases are successful.

Dr. Sevan A • Oral Surgeon, USA

I am a novice implantologist and started using the SSITM implants by GP after getting a strong recommendation from many of my senior mentors. I am happy to say that I made a wise choice. I use the SSITM implant in broad variety of clinical situations, especially in the patients where I cannot place a conventional implant due to excessive ridge resorption or other anatomical factors

Dr. Ohannes R • implantologist, USA

The short safe implant by GP is an excellent choice for clinical cases with complications related to anatomy. It is so easy and safe to load the implant, and it gives impeccable results post-operatively, with respect to osseointegration. I was simply amazed when I saw the X-ray where the bone was strongly integrating with the implant surface

Dr. Henrik N• Oral Surgeon, USA

I was using short implants by other companies since a long time, and then I was introduced to the short, safe implant by GP. I am happy that I made the positive change. The SSITM implant has many remarkable features, but I like the facility of the stopper the most. It reduces the loading time by almost 20-30%. Moreover, all the other criteria of good implant like stability, strong BIC are met, and this ultimately results in more successful cases of implants

Dr. Eduard Kev • Oral Surgeon, USA

The SSITM implant- short, safe implant by GP has completely revolutionized my way of practice. There are so many benefits of using this short implant. Though it is short in length, still it has a greater number of threads and also has a rounded apex to prevent the trauma to vital tissues. The outstanding feature of the SSI implant is the stopper. You know where you need to stop and this prevents the excessive bone penetration. The SSITM implant has become a part of my implant practice and I can’t imagine practicing implantology without this short implant.

Dr. Phillip S • Oral Surgeon, USA

The stopper is simply a miracle! I have been using the SSITM by GP since quite a long time and I am simply amazed by the results that I get when I use this short, safe implant. It protects the vital structures and also the stopper drills are simply magnificent. The whole system of the SSITM drills with the stopper and the SSI implants is easy to use, provides excellent results in terms of retention and stability and also the quality is reliable

Dr. Frederick T • General Dentist, USA

Many times my patients didn’t turn up for the implant placement as they were resistant to undergo the ridge augmentation surgery or other surgical procedures like maxillary sinus lift and also sometimes due to the cost factor associated with all these surgical procedures. However, when I included the use of SSITM implants in my practice, it completely avoided the need of these surgical procedures and also the treatment cost was reduced. So many of my patients accepted this technique as compared to other conventional implants.

Dr. Frank M • Periodontist, USA

I am using the SSITM system by GP since a long time, and I am getting excellent results. It has the advantage of advanced locking system that helps to securely load or place the implant. Moreover, it fits the prosthetics, and I use GP-SSIO742 AND GPSSIO750 more frequently, the choice, however, depends on many factors.

Dr. Martin C.• Prosthodontist, USA

I am a customer of GP implants since 2007, and I have been using the SSI TM implants in a variety of clinical situations. Most commonly, I use them in patients that require bone grafting, have excessive ridge resorption or in situations where sinus lift or repositioning of the inferior alveolar nerve may be indicated. The implant has a good success rate with very few chances of complaints

Dr. Philip S • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, USA

I am a big fan of the SSI TM implant by GP implant ltd. I usually order directly from the manufacturer in bulk as so I get a huge discount. This is really a cost-saver! This helps to give effective care to my patients at a reasonable price

Dr. Jaime C.• Oral Surgeon, USA

I am using the SOI implants by GP since a long time, and I will surely recommend this product. The GP implants are made for the Ti-s6Al-4V (Grade 5) which is currently the best material available in the market. Also, the implants are treated with SLA technique which ensures many benefits. The quality is reliable and I have witnessed a good success rate of this implant in my patients

Dr. Joshua W • Oral Surgeon, USA

I am quite satisfied with the GP products. The NSITM which is the narrow implant is very useful in cases with a narrow arch or when there is less space available for implant placement. The implant gives excellent control during the loading procedure and also has great primary stability

Dr. Luis M • Oral Surgeon, USA

The NSITM implant by GP is a boon for the dentists as it can be placed in a wide variety of situations. Mostly, I use it for IIP, immediate implant placement in cases with less space available for implant placement. The strong bone-to-implant contact is achieved. I use the hex-driver for placing the implant and it makes the entire process easy, effective and less time-consuming

Dr. Daniel L • General Dentist, Hungary

The NSITM system by GP,  implant along with the drills and the corresponding prosthetic parts give an excellent result. Like the other GP implants, it is SLA-treated and has an advanced locking system. This ensures the easy of placement, even in cases with anatomic or clinical restrictions. I use it and many other GP products and I am a happy customer of this company

Dr. Julio T • Periodontist, Italy

I use the NSITM implant with DLC – drills like carbon. Also, I use only their prosthetics as it ensures a good fit between the implant and the abutment, thank you for your excellent service and support! It was a great pleasure to meet you and I hope to visit you in Israel again!!

Dr. Isaac B • Oral Surgeon, Spain

I was very disappointed by the results of some other famous brands of implant and then I tried this NSITM implant by GP implant ltd., and I am now so much happy that I made the shift. It has so many benefits –the quality is excellent, it is easy to place and gives excellent control during loading. Also, the implant has triple thread body that improves the whole process of insertion. They are so easy to use that even a novice dentist can use them effectively

Dr. Michael E • Oral Surgeon, Spain

The NSITM implant gives excellent results especially in situations where esthetics is important to be maintained and there are anatomical restrictions. I use them in various clinical situations, as immediate implants or most frequently for the replacement of the mandibular anterior and every time I use this implant, I start liking it even more

Dr. Mathias M • Oral Surgeon, Norway

There are so many advantages of using the NSITM . I use this implant in situations where the bone quantity is not enough. Moreover, it has rounded apex and so I can be sure that there are less chances of trauma to the vital tissues. The quality of assisted osseointegration is very beneficial in achieving good implant stability and retention

Dr. Marius B • Oral Surgeon, Norway

I am using the NSITM implant since quite a long time. I use this narrow implant especially in cases where I have to place an implant in the mandibular anterior region and space is not enough between the teeth. Usually, I use it along with the corresponding prosthetics as it helps to give proper soft tissue contours, the latter ultimately results in excellent esthetic results.

Mohamed B • Prosthodontist, Czech Republic

The NSITM implant gives a precisely sealed environment and also ensures good stability and ease of insertion. I will surely recommend this product to other dentists

Dr. Luca K • Oral Surgeon, Germany

The NSITM implant is very easy to use. I was very reluctant at first to start with the implant practice in my clinic as the whole system of implants, abutments and prosthetics was difficult for me to understand. But after starting using the GP products, the number of patients going for implants has increased tremendously.

Dr. Tobias F • General Dentist, Germany

The narrow implant NSITM comes with the advantage of avoidance of micro movement. The seal between the implant and bone is quite strong and I have started using these implants more frequently for the cases with narrow crest. The whole system is easy to follow, however, I recommend using the corresponding GP prosthetics

Dr. Andreas E • Oral Surgeon, Germany

The CCI TM implant by GP implant follows the statement – “Simplicity made Simpler.” The design of the implant is quite simple and yet very effective. It is available in different platforms and this helps me to get best results esthetically. Since I have started this implant, I get best results in implant cases and the whole process of implant placement is hassle-free

Dr. Stephan S • Oral Surgeon, Germany

he CCI TM implant comes with the promise of superior osseointegration and it does what it promises. The conical design and the feature of double threads help to achieve a strong bond between the implant and the bone. The implant stability is good and ultimately, both the patients and I are always happy with the results

Dr. Leon B • General Dentist, Germany

I am using GP implants since 2007 and I will continue to do in the future. The CCI TM implant has many unique features. It has a conical shape, SLA-treated surface and an apex that has the blades that help in self-tapping during the process of implant loading. The unique properties of the products and the reliability and quality make me a happy client of this company

Dr. Uwe K • Oral Surgeon, Germany

Earlier I used to refer the implant patients to other dentists or oral surgeons. In 2008, I got to know about the GP implants and they are so easy and convenient to use, that from then onwards I started practicing implantology. I would strongly recommend the CCI TM implant by GP, although all the other products are also best

Dr. Kevin F • Oral Surgeon, Germany

The CCI TM implant is simply amazing. It is easy to use and the whole process of implant placement, to speedy osseointegration and the placement of prosthetics has become so easy and efficient. Earlier I had to refuse many patients for implant treatment, but now as the whole process is speedy yet very reliable, I can use the time in treating new patients

Dr. Florian B • Oral Surgeon, Germany

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Straight Shoulder Abutment

Straight Shoulder Abutment

1.00mm (STSH01)
2.00mm (STSH02)
3.00mm (STSH03)
4.00mm (STSH04)