Diagnosis And Treatment Planning Of Immediate Implants

Aug 24, 2018 | 9:00AM (GMT-7) California Time, USA

Duaration: 1.5 Hours


How often do we see patients reject our recommendations for implant dentistry due to the length of time from start to finish or simply lose interest from time of presentation to actual treatment or simply the specific dentist is not comfortable in placing implants? From a young doctor to a seasoned doctor, it is all three. This webinar will show you the indications and contraindications for immediate implant placement, and what criteria to follow to treatment plan immediate implant placements.

Learn Objective:

✔ Knowing the history of immediate implant dentistry
✔ Indications for immediate implants
✔ Contra-indication for immediate implants
✔ How to perform immediate implant placement
✔ What is immediate loading
✔ Why certain implant designs are better for immediate implants