Are you a dentist or a dental clinic owner?
Than this service is exactly for you.


Do you have a minute to read everything? This minute might triple the income of your business.

We will now explain to you in detail how the service works, and if you're interested you're welcome to start a trial mode right away. Or, if you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to start a live chat with us or contact us in Whats App - We will be more than happy to answer any question that you may have.

Thousands of patients from South America and rest of the world contact us every day requesting from us to connect them with a reilable and affordable local dental clinic. Most of them are interested or looking for price for dental implant treatment.

So we established a new marketing department in our facility that making sure to promote dental clinics of our clients and forward them leads every day. The number of leads contacts that our clients gets from us are between 50 to 3,000 per month. It all depends on your budget.

How it works?

First of all, we want to tell you about the numbers and budgets. With a very low budget of only $300 per month, your clinic can enjoy from 50 to 120 leads (leads are potential clients that can turn into your patients). You probably asking yourself how we do it for such a low budget?

That's simple - we are a manufacturer of dental implants and prosthetics based in Israel (read more about us at later when you have some time). While we advertise our products online - millions of patients around the world visit our website - wanting to know about the implants and reading our blog content. So our team retarget those people who visit our site and showing them an advertisemnt of our client's dental clinics. REMARKETING is a strong power in terms of paying for advertisments becasue when you retarget someone who already visited your website, you pay much less than showing it to new patients. Moreover, we show the advertisments to look-alike audience. Look a like audience are people who look a like to people that visit our website - and they can be located up to 5-20 miles from your clinic. You can actually be a WINNER in terms of marketing power in your area among the clinics that located near you. Everyone who will look for a dentist or need a dentist, will find you first through our platforms.

We don't want to confuse or waste your time about our experience in marketing. We just want you to understand that we are able to double and sometimes and even triple the number of people that visit your clinic every month. This amount depends on the budget that you invest - but we recommend to start with a very low budget of only $300 and then increase it from time to time.

Return of your investment in less then 30 days.

Yes, with this amount of LEADS that we provide you every day, it is not only covering your monthly investment but your annual investment. Because it's enough to close 1 or 2 patients and already returned what you invested.

Test our service and get results within 12-24 hours.

For a test, we offer you to pay now only $100, get quick results within 12 to 24 hours and start calling the people, answer their questions and schedule appoitments.

As soon as we finish spending your budget and provide you with 20 to 60 contacts, we will contact you again to ask if you're interested to start continue with this service. The minimum amount that we accept is $300. This amount of $300 is nothing copared to what you usually pay when you buy leads or media in Google, Facebook or Instagram.

What you Must-Know before we start:

  • We do NOT promise any particular discount on your behalf to the people that see the advertisement unless you want us to show them a particular offer such as: Free consultation, panoramic xray, etc... When you make the calls, you decide what to offer the patients.

  • We work with 5-star ranked denitsts only. To keep our reputation as a professional-growing dental implant company, we work with clinics that provide warm and good service to patients that register through GP Implants. Keep in mind that if we get too many complains, we would have to stop this service - even if you are a big client that spend thousands of dollars per month.

  • We provide you leads that located 5-30 miles away from your clinic. We can also provide you leads from any location that you choose around the world. In this case, please discuss with us privatley and we'll make sure to optimize it on your campaigns.

  • You can cancel the subscription to this service anytime. And we are here to answer your questions in Whats App and Live chat in our website

  • We limit the number of clinics that we work with.

    We work with only 1 clinic per city or area to avoid competition. So we highly recommend to take decisions fast.



  1. We only need your dental clinic's location.
  2. We need your website (optional).
  3. Pay now $100 to start your campaign. We will do the rest.

Yes, it's that simple.



As soon as we receive your payment, someone from our company will contact you by email and Whats App to ask for your clinic's location.

Please note that we are based in Israel - so our time zones are different. It might take up to 6 hours until we contact you to gather the information we need to run your first campain.

You should get from 10 to 35 leads with this budget